Tech Talent Agency has a way of opening doors that is surprisingly effective - through a combination of coaching and confidence building, insight into how recruiting is done at large companies, and continued focus on the prize. I was fortunate to have one of the best talent agents representing me, and landed the job I wanted.
— R.M.
Throughout a long successful career as a senior technologist I have experienced quite a number of transitions between firms. By far the most effective placement experience was with TTA who acted as my personal agent and arranged for exploratory interviews with executives at prestigious firms. Their guidance through the interview process and compensation discussions was invaluable.
— S.B.
There are a number of Executive Search firms that claim to specialize in a particular industry segment, or focus area, but Tech Talent Agency does that and achieves a level of unmatched client intimacy and knowledge. That combination differentiates TTA in a unique way, and the results are excellent client satisfaction and world-class retention rates. Talent management matters, TTA understands that, and as such is my partner of choice.
— J.B.
Broad contacts in the industry. Helped open doors and develop connections.
— B.N.
The range of opportunities presented were exceptional, they clearly know the people and the business very well. The close working relationship that develops enables a broader set of options to be thought about, including things that you may not have thought about. This is equally valuable now that I am looking for talent. A very good group to be working with.
— P.R.
I had the fortune of working with Tech Talent Agency. Its approach to talent, from defining the strength in the talent, identifying potential market opportunities, to providing on-going career advice, is unique and refreshing in the technology industry.
— Q.Z.
I have used Tech Talent Agency’s services twice during my career as a technology executive in the financial industry. In the first occasion I was looking for a Managing Director position with a major investment bank. I was surprised that in a matter of a few weeks TTA arranged interviews with CIOs at most first tier NYC investment banks. The second time was when I was looking for a consulting opportunity, TTA introduced me to a CIO of a major bank where I secured a long term consulting engagement.
— J.F.
I have worked with the team at Tech Talent Agency. It was great to see that they were honest and respected confidentiality. They worked hard to earn the business . Over the years my TTA agent has become a good friend and a trusted advisor.
— J.R.


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