How We Work

We are a talent agency like Creative Artists Agency (CAA) and William Morris Endeavor (WME), but our focus is on the tech elite instead of professional athletes and celebrity entertainers. We do not recruit and only consider representing talent who directly contact our agency by referral or through background submission. We have a discreet, comprehensive, and selective vetting process in place.

Once we have decided to represent an individual and they have agreed to our terms and conditions, we work closely together to discover their interests, needs and goals. Using this information we then introduce their unique background to decision makers at the select, leading companies the talent wishes to target. 

Tech Talent Agency takes care of every detail including scheduling confidential exploratory meetings with interested management. This allows both parties to learn about one another through thoughtful and meaningful conversation. Prior to these meetings, we prepare and guide the talent. We also keep the companies apprised of the talent’s ongoing search status in the marketplace to enable necessary action.

Our discovery process benefits both companies and talent because:

  • Management at the companies is given access to senior level talent they may not have known existed or were considering a change, while the talent can potentially secure opportunities tailored specifically to them that are not available to the general public. 

  • Companies can make opportunistic hires by upgrading on existing employees, creating a new role to entice the talent or filling a current opening.

  • The talent can choose among multiple competitive offers from their ideal employers and take control of their own career trajectory.

As the final step, the agent negotiates a compensation package that is fair to the talent and the prospective employer. Although we advise our talent, the ultimate decision of which offer to accept belongs to them.


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