About TTA

Tech Talent Agency (TTA) is the pioneer and leading talent agency to exclusively represent senior level, elite technologists. At TTA, we don't think the most sought-after tech talent should wait for a recruiter to contact them offering a single position on behalf of an employer. Instead, we align our interest with the talent, at no cost to them, and provide proactive access to decision makers at multiple cutting-edge companies of their choice.

Since creating our revolutionary business model in 2003, we have successfully negotiated multimillion-dollar contracts on behalf of some of the biggest names in the tech industry. The individuals we choose to represent are the best and brightest “free agent” tech talent with backgrounds from the world’s top universities and most innovative companies. Our independent, exclusive services also represents highly gifted senior programmers and developers, technical architects and managers, with expertise in a variety of advanced technology languages and platforms including those in mobile, web, data, cloud, and financial. We also continue our reputation for talent at the levels of chief information officer, chief technology officer, and other senior technical positions across the enterprise supporting complex, high demand businesses.  

Our talent are empowered to proactively take control and accelerate their career growth. Companies are empowered to make opportunistic hires by either upgrading on existing employees or creating an attractive new role to entice unique talent, giving them a competitive advantage. 

Tech Talent Agency handles every aspect of the talent’s search including:

  • Identifying and targeting select companies
  • Obtaining confidential exploratory meetings
  • Preparation and guidance
  • Scheduling
  • Driving the process forward effectively and efficiently
  • Feedback and clarification for both talent and companies
  • Negotiations
  • Securing offers (primarily for full time positions)
  • Decision advisement


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